Circle One
    from here to there and back again
    helping you to be all you were created to be
Circle One Hypnotherapy & Shamanic Healing integrates several healing modalities.  
We recognize the need for addressing a client’s individualistic and specific needs by having
available a diverse repertoire of approaches.  By combining skills, talents, and unique
Circle One presents that diverse repertoire.  

We acknowledge the strength of such a diverse and holistic approach reaching a wide variety
of client’s and needs.  This strength comes from
Circle One’s cadre and their unique and
varied backgrounds.
 Circle One’s team brings to the table for your express benefit, the
unique training and expertise of Kappasinian Hypnotherapy which incorporates
interpersonal communication techniques.

Penny Randall has a background that includes more than 25 years as a
Shamanic Healer and energy worker, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, author, artist, and is
an ordained minister.

Is dedicated to your enlightened advancement and healing.  Whether it is
Hypnotherapy to modify behavior or beliefs that not longer serve you or a core
Shamanic practice such as a Soul Retrieval to heal your Spirit and Soul.

Our motto:
from here to there and back again; helping you be all that
you were created to be
, is our goal.  

The precious commodity that is YOU is critical to the well-being of the world.  
Understanding yourself and those around you allows you to
be all you were
created to be.

Every journey begins with just one step.  
Circle One is honored to help you with your journey.
             SHAMANIC HEALING                  
                               PAST LIFE REGRESSION

You are here for a reason. You are here to be all that you were created to be.
How do you get out of your own way? How do you heal old wounds and fears?
How do you achieve the best you can be? Circle One is here to help you achieve
your inner dreams through

Access the incredible power of your mind. With focused integration of the 12%
conscious mind with the incredible power of the 88% subconscious mind
through HYPNOTHERAPY you have the total 100% of your mind power at
your disposal.
This works much better than "Will Power" coming out of the 12%
conscious mind.

Shamanic healing works with your spirit and energy to heal the parts of you that may be
damaged and are standing in your way. Or may be missing altogether.

A Soul Retrieval will return to you those lost 'soul pieces'  allowing true healing to occur.  
If you are all there you will more easily get out of your own way and "
be all you were
created to be

Past Life Regression will help you understand  your life today.  Past life experiences often
impact our current life in a variety of ways.


Past Life Regression, Develop confidence, Weight management; Anxiety and Depression
reduction; Healing the inner self; Overcome fears and phobias; Self-esteem and
assertiveness; Identify new directions and goals; Insomnia resolution; Stress management,
coping with life, grief, loss, forgiveness; Develop study skills and test preparation; Shift
negative attitude to a positive; Handwriting analysis,
Pain management; Communication
skills; Relationship enhancement and strategies; Stop smoking
.  Workshops for your
development to be all you were created to be.
Circle One provides you a place of
comfort and guidance,
a safe, supportive, confidential
free of judgement or criticism.
Circle One is honored to be NOW co-located  with Beyond Harmony &
Kenneally Acupuncture &  the Healing Light Resource Center in
Santa Clarita Valley.  
18635 Soledad Canyon Road, #101
Canyon Country, CA 91351
Integrating Mastery of Mind, Body, Spirit
Location: Kenneally Acupuncture and Healing Light Resource Center
18635 Soledad Canyon RD, #101,  Santa Clarita, 9-4 pm

Be sure to schedule your seasonal acupuncture tuneup at Kenneally Acupuncture.
Integrity and confidentiality are key components to
Circle One Hypnotherapy & Shamanic Healing.
A Shamanic Way

Simply click the link below to access
Balboa Press Bookstore

Featured at the
Frankfurt, Germany Book Festival
October 2015
Available Now

A Shamanic Way is a primer to the Shamanic experience.  Filled with basic tips,
recipes, and stories for learning ancient ways of ceremony.  Shamanism is an ancient
form of ceremony based energy work dating back 40,000 years or more.  As people
came together to form communities Shamanism emerged as the first healing practice,
the first religion; a very earth based belief system with people tied closely to the earth,
elements, and the seasons for all their needs.  

Shamanic cultures exist globally even today, and the basic Shamanic methods are the
same on every continent.  A Soul Retrieval performed by a Siberian Shaman will have
all the same elements as one performed by an African Shaman.  

This book gives you the whys, the wherefores, the method (recipes), and amusing
stories for this basic Shamanic practice.  You will have the tools and understanding for
honoring the directions and the elements, for creating a Sacred Circle, for enhancing
your life and personal energy center by performing your own Sacred Ceremonies.

What are the attributes and benefits of merging a newish healing modality,
Hypnotherapy, and an ancient healing tradition, Shamanic Healing?