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Consultation Preparation and Rates   

Because Shamanic work is done in “non-ordinary reality”, the factors of time and space are
not relevant.  Hypnotherapy, therapeutic guided imagery, animal communication, Shamanic
Healing, and other modalities can be done remotely from a distance over the phone.  Rituals
such as Soul Retrieval, energy clearing, realigning and reactivating energy gridlines can also
be performed from a distance or remotely.  

Ideally, hypnotherapy, therapeutic guided imagery, and the Soul Retrieval ritual or energy
work performed in person will feel more tangible to you and therefore will feel more
immediately impactful.  However, these modalities performed remotely via the phone or
Internet is equally effective.  

Consultation Preparation
& Rates
For Phone Appointments:  After setting up an
appointment, please call us at your scheduled time.  

Payment is via PayPal at

Rescheduling or cancellation of any type of
appointment must take place 24 hours in
advance or the full session rate will apply.
Animal Communication Consultation Preparation:  Write down
questions to ask your animal.  The most important issues need to be covered first as the
time passes quickly.  Your animal will be invited to initiate conversation about anything
not covered and important to him.  Inform your animals out loud or silently that this
communication will be taking place.  That will prepare him for this opportunity.  Take
notes during our communication for review at a later date.  Sometimes animals speak in
metaphors and clarity of meaning is revealed later.  Because this communication is
facilitated by Spirit in A Shamanic Way please recognize a new level of understanding and
a deeper connection with your animal after our conversation.

Animal Communication Rates: The initial consultation is 45 minutes at
$60.00.  Follow up sessions are 30 minutes for $30.00.  Quick checks via email are
available for $20.00 and are excellent for 2-3 questions, surgery follow up, or
notification of vacation plans.  Email subject line should read: PET QUICK CHECK.
Shamanic Services:
Energy Clearing: People, Buildings, and Businesses is performed in A Shamanic
Way.  It is offered at $90.00 for a 45 minute session.  The rate will ultimately depend on the
size of the building, if the grounds are included, and how negative the energy is, and the travel
distance.  Location work is recommended instead of remote energy clearing.  

Clients requesting energy clearing of buildings and businesses may participate if they should
so desire and the energy ceremony will be designed to include them.  Energy clearing for
people is considered Shamanic healing and is $80.00 unless it is part of a Soul Retrieval
  The Power of Your Power - A Shamanic Way of Coaching.
The first session is 60 minutes and is $150.00.  It is opportunity to evaluate the harmony
between you and Penelope. Y
ou have the opportunity to renew for three additional 1 hour
sessions at any time.  
Soul Retrieval  is an elaborate ritual and is $150.00.  If travel is required there will be
an additional charge.  Whether performed in person or remotely the client will be provided a
narrated tape/CD of what the Shamanic practitioner found, a guide book of soul integration
tips and meditations, and a talisman keepsake of the celebration of your returning soul pieces.  
Energy clearing and balancing chakras is part of the Soul Retrieval Ritual and is included in
the price.  
Shamanic Healing  other than a Soul Retrieval ritual includes extraction and cord
cutting, chakra balancing and opening energy channels, energy grid realignment and
activation, and Reiki.  Pricing is $1
Ceremony/Ritual - Consultation, Preparation, Event: Clients will
meet either by phone or in person with Reverend Penny to design the ceremony.  This can be
a traditional ritual such as a Birthday, Blessing, or Memorial Service and/or it can be a blend
of the traditional, religious or non-religious, and/or in A Shamanic Way.  Marriage and
Commitment ceremony rates are  TBD.  Rates will depend on the complexity of the
ceremony and the need for travel but typically start at $150.00
The Package Price for hypnotherapy, imagery,
or coaching offer a substantial savings.

Hypnotherapy and/or therapeutic guided imagery: Offices are
conveniently located in Santa Clarita Valle
y.  Sessions are typically from 1 -2 hours long.
6 Sessions are $95.00 each paid in full $590 or in two
payments $295 each at session 1 and session 3.

Individual Sessions are $125.00

Initial Session is $150.00
Soul Retrieval is $150.00 takes approximately 1 hour
and an audio file is recorded.
Past Life Regression is $ $150.00 takes approximately 2
hours and an audio file is recorded.  Prior hypnosis is a