Circle One - A Shamanic Way
    from here to there and back again
    helping you to be all you were created to be

Penelope Randall is a certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki practitioner, Shamanic
Healer, ordained minister, author, and artist.  

Performing hypnotherapy, Shamanic healing, teaching you how to help yourself
feeling and recognizing your 'bodysense'
, providing supportive counseling and
coaching, ministerial services and shamanic consultations, serving as a marriage
and/or union officiant, and counseling for couples and families are just a portion of
Reverend Penny Randall’s service for you.  

Vital parts of Circle One services includes integrating hypnotherapy and Shamanic
healing when desired, designing personalized rituals and ceremonies, both traditional
types and in A Shamanic Way, house blessings, naming ceremonies, memorial
services, energy clearing of real estate and businesses, and animal communication
and healing.

elope became a Shamanic practitioner more than 25 years ago by accident.  
While experiencing a personal retreat odyssey, otherwise known as living on Mount
Hood deep in the Oregon Cascades and working for the U.S. Forest Service. She
realized her experience was something akin to that which others journey to places
like Nepal for in search of spiritual enlightenment.  

People, situations, and opportunities presented to her again and again over the years
leading her onto her current path as a certified hypnotherapist, Shamanic healer, and
an ordained minister.  This is not to say that these experiences were always easy or
even welcomed.  Some were absolutely what one would call near-death experiences.  
She did not readily accept the direction Spirit/Universe was pushing her into until
several years of effort had passed in defying the inevitable.  

Once Pen
elope acknowledged and honored the path Spirit had placed her on, a
passion for her work was awakened and now here she is; a person with a website,
trying to figure out the marketing benefits of social networking of Facebook and
Twitter, brochures, and business cards.  Circle One ‘the website’ is the culmination of
many years of preparation and practice, and of course figuring out the Internet, sort
of; an ongoing adventure.

elope is a certified hypnotherapist and an honors graduate of the Hypnosis
Motivational Institute, HMI.  She is an ordained minister through the Universal Life
Church and trained in ministerial services with Christ Light Unity and in Shamanic
practices with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and LightSong.  Services are
provided in A Shamanic Way and are non-denominational.  

May I walk with Beauty before me.
May I walk with Beauty behind me.
May I walk with Beauty above me.
May I walk with Beauty below me.
May I walk with Beauty all around me.
As I walk the beauty way.

-Navaho Prayer-

Courtesy of Libby Gustin
Circle One - A Shamanic Way
    from here to there and back again
    helping you to 'be all you were created to be'