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Coping/Defense Mechanisms

When was the last time you took an inventory check of your coping mechanisms?  Have
you ever taken note of what you do in the way of coping skills?  Circumstances have
recently presented me with an opportunity to really look at how I cope with this
incredible experience we call life.  As I go through this day after day after day after day
experience I look at myself and those around me and wonder with not just a little awe at
the incredible mechanisms we put into place for different situations.  For me as well as for
many of you out there in cyberspace we have a myriad of these skills and techniques
developed over the years and through the situations and events that have taken place in
our lives.

Humor in general is a great tool for many people.  Just laugh it off, ha ha.  Ignoring the
situation and hoping it will go away is another biggy.  Take a look at all the passive
aggressive people out there in the land of the living.  They don’t say a word until one day
they hit the wall and self destruct, sometimes taking others with them.  Sick and twisted
humor is a big one in the lives of nurses, doctors, paramedics and other emergency
services personnel.  Sometimes this proves quite inappropriate when used around folks
who do not truly appreciate the subtleties of this defense mechanism.  

Taking a hot fragrant bath with the water deep enough to float in, candles throwing their
flickering light on tile walls.  Shopping is another coping mechanism.  However, I hear
some of these shoppers will shop till they drop and then take almost everything back the
next day.  So I guess where there is a will there is a way.

Depression and anger of course are classic coping tactics.  Children are great at the anger
thing.  Adults transmute anger into depression.  Hey-it works!  There is nothing like a
good cry.  There are those who go get their hair done, their faces done, their bodies done,
put their bodies through tremendous physical exercise, go for a drive, drive fast, eat, eat
alot, eat chocolate, take a vacation, have sex, lose themselves in the world of the
Internet, read a book, do drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, overindulge in whatever
is available, go to psychotherapy, meditate, and of course, take classes on learning how to

There are probably as many coping mechanisms in use by the human population as 10
times the number of that human population.  This profound scientific insight is based on
my extensive research involving Me and the few people I know.  I for one probably have
at least 10 of those skills and sometimes they may be all working at once.  In fact it is at
such times that another coping tool presents itself out of the chaos of many.  
Disassociation is the common name and it works well.  There is nothing like the thrill of a
new personality to lift you out of your anger or despair.

In closing I would like to leave you with the thought of a little known or used coping tool.  
Transmuting the dense physical body and all it’s third dimensional problems to the light
body and a multi-dimensional aspect and subsequent enlightenment.  This is a real and
available skill that allows you to manipulate your energy and consequently your life.
Check it out.  Oh boy, another class to take.  
Mystery Schools - Great White Brotherhood

The foundation of the Great White Brotherhood was laid in 1580 B.C. by the Pharaoh
Ahmose I.  The connotation in today’s world of ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ is of,
perhaps to some, white supremacy or equating to something exclusive to the
Caucasian.  Nothing could be further from the truth with the exception of the original
exclusive nature of the organization.  Let’s go back in history almost 4,000 years to the
beginning of the XVIII Egyptian dynasty.

Egypt was a center of civilization.  The arts and the sciences were advancing at a rate
and on par with the much later French Renaissance.  The profound secrets of nature,
science and art were not to be entrusted to the masses.  Unfortunately the discoveries
made and knowledge obtained was not able to be well preserved with the means
available-papyrus.  Classes were formed of carefully selected individuals, both men
and women.  

These mystery schools were initially devoted to the matrix of mythology and esoteric
knowledge founded on facts of observation and figments of imagination.  From them
evolved the indisputable truths of Cosmic Law.  The Osarian mysteries, were some of
the earliest studies investigated by these students.  The ancient God Osaris of Egypt
and the myths surrounding him gave rise to the vast philosophy of immortality that
plays across Egyptian history.

The mystery schools of the old and middle kingdom gradually experienced a transition
from symbolic rites and dramatic ritual into what today we would call the philosophical
analysis of the physics of earth.  Scientific conjecture began to hold a place equal to
religion and mysticism.  It was at this time that the doctrine of motion was introduced,
a least a thousand years prior to the Greek atomic theories.

The knowledge learned by these students was only revealed in symbology of
hieroglyphics.  This was secret wisdom and to be held as such always.  In some cases,
classes of a very select nature were held in the private chambers of the reigning
Pharaoh.  The members became more select, the teachings more profound and the
discussions more intense.  These became the greatest minds of the day and from this
came the Great White Brotherhood.

The family of Pharaohs was the prime instrument in promoting and leading the growth
of this group of intellectuals, philosophers and mystics.  Ahmose, wife of Thutmose I,
was the first woman to be admitted on an entirely equal footing as the men.  The story
of her admittance reveals the origins of some of the doctrines of the equality of the
sexes.  Thutmose III organized the still present physical form of the Brotherhood and
outlined many of it’s rules and regulations during his reign from 1500 B.C. to 1447 B.C.

Amenhotep IV was the last Pharaoh to play a significant role in the Brotherhood.  He
was well schooled in the mysteries and had the courage to outwardly express this
knowledge and wisdom.  Unfortunately it was not without creating chaos.  He
determined to eliminate the worship of many Gods and create monotheism.  At 16
years of age, in the fifth year of his reign he instituted a sweeping reform throughout
Egypt.  By his decree there was to be worship of only one God.  He abandoned Thebes
as the capital because it was built to the glory of Amman and established a new capital
at El Amana.  He changed his name to reflect this new worship to Akhenaton meaning
Glory to Aton.

Throughout the centuries the Great White Brotherhood grew.  Throughout the world
this organization continues it’s work today.  The Rosicrucian Order is the purest form
today of the original Great White Brotherhood.  There are some other organizations
that maintain ties to the Great White Brotherhood.  These are linked in a philosophical
and esoteric effort for bringing light, love and understanding of the ‘Living Truth’ to
humanity.  These are not religious organizations, but rather bodies devoted to
exploring and proving esoteric philosophies.
 Investigate and research on your
own.  Blind faith in anything is not recommended.


The dictionary defines ‘thought’ as the product of mental activity.  There is no
definition that includes the concept that ‘thought’ is in fact a thing.  

For some, thought is like an image held in front of a mirror and the reflection is the
thing or effect.  Another view is thought is an electro-magnetic energy.  That as these
energies emanate from our thinking they generate or create our reality.