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Circle One has recently returned from the annual PAINWEEK
National Conference.

This year the conference focused on the issue of Chronic Pain, primarily
Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  We were very pleased that in
each seminar we attended the mind, body, spirit/emotion connection was validated.

It was gratifying to hear the medical community recognize a connection that we at
Circle One, have long known.  We heard again and again how a patient with Chronic
Pain needs to have their emotional and mental bodies addressed/healed in order to
have a positive affect on their physical health.  We brought back a lot of wonderful
information to share with you and yours who may be struggling with pain and
illness that continues past the acute stage.

Stay tuned for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia /IBS support groups forming with
Circle One at the Healing Light Resource Center after the new year.  We will provide
you with holistic support: hypnotherapy, Shamanic healing and energy work,
coaching, and guidance to help you better manage your pain.
What is dreaming?  Again the connection between the mind, body, and
Spirit is validated.

Take a break and watch this excellent movie.  Filmed by a woman who makes science
documentaries and as such is very science minded and rational.  It is 75 minutes and a bit
long but worth the viewing.  If you are short on time the part of the movie from about 55
minutes deals with the brain function during dreaming.  It states that dreaming brain
function activity is biochemically more active than during a waking state and in hypnosis
and Shamanic trance this altered state is achieved.  

The woman who created this and whom the film is about-her impending death foretold in a
dream.  In real life she develops illness without ideology (known cause).  She does a lot of
research and decides to put her rational mind to aside and consults a Shaman for going back
into the dream to try and change the neuro activity.  The Shamanic journey is depicted very
well.  It appears that she changed her neuro activity through her Shamanic experience.  She
changed her dream and therefore her life.  She continues to thrive and be well.  Very

Be sure to read the author’s/filmaker’s "Film Update".

Here is the link: The Edge of Dreaming