For marriage license information follow the links below.

If you choose to use a "confidential marriage license", you MUST get married in
the county where you obtained the license.  

Both parties are required to be eighteen years old or older and to be present at the
time of filing even if you fill in an On-line application.  

•        Documentation required:
o        Valid photo ID, such as a state issued driver's license, is required to verify age
and identity.
o        If either party was previously married, or had a registered domestic
partnership with someone other than the other party, a certified copy of the final
dissolution papers is required if the dissolution was granted within last 90 days,
otherwise the date of the dissolution is sufficient.

    As of January 1, 1995, blood tests are no longer required.

    All licenses must be used within 90 days of obtaining.  

    Obtaining a recorded copy of your marriage license can take from 2 weeks to
    8 weeks, depending on the county you register in.  

    Marriage by proxy is not legal in the State of California.  

NOTE: Identity documents in a foreign language must be translated
into English by a Court certified translator or American Translators
Association (ATA) certified translator.


The Los Angeles County Clerk's department is very slow.  A certified copy of your
recorded marriage license takes 6-8 weeks.  If you need a Certified Copy of your
marriage license quickly, go to Santa Ana in Orange County for your license.  
Orange County takes just two weeks to send your copy.



•        Fee can be found on the Fee Schedule
•        Licenses are issued in both offices and no appointment is necessary.
    In the Atascadero office, both parties must be present by 3:30 P.M.
    In San Luis Obispo both parties must be present in the office by 4:30 P.M.

    • It takes about 30 minutes for the license to be issued. The license can be
    used immediately, and is valid for 90 days from the date issued and the
    ceremony can take place anywhere in the State of California.



You can apply for your license at the Old County Courthouse on the corner of
Broadway and Civic Center Drive in Santa Ana (it's the big old red building pictured
at right), or you can go to the Laguna Hills Civic Center on El Toro Road in Laguna
The Old County Courthouse displays the historical courtroom, jury room,
recorders room, and judges chambers.

A live person is available at the County Clerk's Marriage License Office,
call 714-834-2500 between 8am 4:30pm, press 6 for an operator, and ask to talk to
a live person in Marriage Licenses.


Circle One - A Shamanic Way
    from here to there and back again
    helping you to be all you were created to be
The ritual of the Marriage Ceremony or a Commitment Ceremony certainly is one
filled with love, welcome, excitement, and blessings.  A marriage or commitment
ceremony that combines Shamanic elements with traditional components makes for a
very unique and sacred wedding ceremony.  As both an ordained minister and a
Shamanic healer who practices Shamanic rituals the design of such an individualistic
ceremony is my honor.  

In today’s world many couples choose to have a Commitment Ceremony as a way for
manifesting their dedication and commitment to one another.  This is a ritual that
celebrates the intention of devotion and respect.  A wide variety of reasons to forgo
the more traditional marriage ranges from a same sex couple blocked by the law of the
land at this time,  to couples who choose not to involve the state and  required  fees,
and all the reasons in between.   

A blessed ritual of either a Marriage Ceremony or a Commitment Ceremony serves as
an invitation to Spirit.  It says,
“Welcome.  Bless us and this time.  We honor
you in all your glory and treasure your presence in our life.  Come to us
now for there is always room in our heart for you.”  

The term “Shamanic” simply refers to an ancient process of honoring the earth and all
that dwell on it, the energy of the Universe, and Spirit or God, with the understanding
that all things are connected.  

During a wedding or commitment ceremony performed in A Shamanic Way the
invited witnesses are encouraged to pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that
are evoked as the ceremony unfolds.  Noticing what needs come to mind.  With an
open heart those in attendance will be receptive to new thought, new sensations, and
new emotions, all of which serve as healing vehicles for the physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Awakening awareness in the witnesses to those
around them, to their own hearts, as well as their awareness for the couple being
joined together brings the witnesses into the ceremony as active participants.

The ceremony typically consists of several parts.  These are tailored to the desire of
the couple.  
A huppa is a beautiful addition to a wedding or commitment ceremony.  Traditionally used in
Jewish weddings it is not exclusive to Judaism.  Ritually, the huppa is used to separate the
sanctified wedding space from the area around it, and symbolizes God's presence and the couple's
new home they will build together.  

A Sacred Circle is created sprinkling tobacco and cornmeal which the marriage couple and
Reverend stand within during the service.  Tobacco and cornmeal are traditional Native American
tools for creating sacred space.  Tobacco is considered the most important spiritual plant by
Native Americans because it is a plant of protection and a vehicle to transmit prayers to God.  
Cornmeal symbolizes the abundance and prosperity of Mother Earth.  Together the tobacco and
the cornmeal create a sacred space that seals the above of God with the below of Mother Earth.  
The sacred circle is then smudged with sacred smoke.  

Sacred smoke is derived from several plants depending on the location of the ceremony.  For
instance sage smoke is commonly known, but cedar is used for sacred smoke in Northern
California where sage is not readily available.  

Smudging with sacred smoke is performed three times; first as a cleansing, second as a dedication,
and third as an energizer.  When the couple reaches the Sacred Circle they are also smudged with
sacred smoke.  Together we step into the Sacred Circle and it is then closed with more tobacco and

Upon taking our places within the Sacred Circle, the four cardinal directions: North, East, South,
and West are invited to join us.  These directions have powerful attributes and the invitation to
these energies is done by drumming.  The attributes of each direction are shared at the end of each
drumming sequence.  It is often the couples desire to have their witnesses actively participate in
creating this Sacred Space by joining with us in calling in the directions.  This means that all in
attendance remain standing and turn to face the appropriate direction for each drumming
sequence by following our lead.  The witnesses are invited to take notice of what feelings or
thoughts come to them with the energy of each direction.  When the directions have been called
the witnesses will be invited to sit down and the more traditional portion of the wedding ceremony
will commence.

At the end of the ceremony the Sacred Circle is opened and the newly united couple are presented
to their family and friends.
Performed in
The Marriage or Commitment Ceremony performed in
"A Shamanic Way"
Shamanic Way is described below: