Circle One provides a multidisciplinary approach to wellness. It incorporates diverse yet complimentary modalities including but not limited to hypnotherapy, Shamanic healing, therapeutic guided imagery, meditation, and energy healing such as Reiki and Chakra balancing.

Circle One brings to clients a wealth of background experience and education facilitating behavior modification, communication and relationship skills, habit and addiction control, and personal healing and development of mind, body, and spirit.

Circle One specializes in behavior modification, pain management, grief and trauma recovery, including PTSD, coping skills development for stress and anxiety, performance enhancement, reduction and removal of fears and phobias, life skills mastery, pain management, weight control, past life regression, and counseling for end of life and grief recovery.

Every thought can change your life. Every thought is energy, a vibrational frequency. Through hypnosis and by framing your hypnotic suggestions to reflect what is true for you, you create your intended life.

Learn to use your body as a lie detector to create the life you want.

Be All You Were Created to Be!



“Saying Penny has been my saving grace would be an understatement. She has taught me how to experience happiness again with a new perspective on life. She has taught me what it means to be in alignment with myself. I started seeing Penny to help manage my emotions, relationships, PTSD, and anxiety. During our sessions, together we uncover layers of my subconscious that are causing pain, we then map out new beliefs and reassurances through her guided meditation, tailored to my beliefs. She has taught me to better follow my gut and trust in myself, which has substantially reduced my self-doubt and negative beliefs. Every session, even virtually, brings a new self-awareness I never thought possible. I value Penny’s wisdom so much so, I intend on seeing her for decades to come.”

TAYLOR K. Milwaukee, WI