Only 10% of the mind functions on the conscious level. A whopping 90% is functioning on the subconscious level. Use 100% of your mind power!

Hypnotherapy uses the modality of hypnosis to access the power of your power, that 100% of your mind power, facilitating the changes you are seeking; in your personal life, self-improvement, and with your vocational and avocational goals. 

Hypnosis is a natural state of hyper-suggestibility. Many people routinely experience a trance-like or hypnotic state throughout the day; watching television, at the movies, driving, and before nodding off to sleep. 

What does this mean to you?  Every thought can change your life. Every thought is energy, a vibrational frequency.  Through hypnosis and by framing your hypnotic suggestions to reflect what is true for you, you create your intended life. 

Through hypnosis accessing a time or times before this current lifetime can provide valuable information. The effects or events of other lifetimes often can be influencing factors in our current life. Discovering pertinent information facilitates growth and healing in this lifetime.

Shamanism is more than 40,000 years old. It is simply a belief system that everything has Spirit (aka energy, life force, Soul) and everything is connected through that Spirit. The energy of the soul is addressed which in turn touches all aspects of a person for healing.

The Soul Retrieval (energy, Spirit, life-force-restoration) is an ancient Shamanic Ceremony and a core element for Shamanic Healing.

What Is Soul Loss? Consider what it is that makes a person alive. That component is a vital life force that animates the physical body. For some, this vital life force is considered the Soul, Spirit, or simply energy.

In the Shamanic Tradition, this vital life force is often visualized as an analogy of a jigsaw puzzle. When all the pieces are in their proper places the individual is whole and complete. Through trauma, illness, or injury, the puzzle becomes fragmented. These missing pieces cause the individual’s vital life force to fall into disharmony.

This exodus of puzzle pieces is a defense mechanism. If all the pieces stayed in place, the trauma would be much greater. The loss/suppression of these pieces may be considered disassociation.

What is a Soul Retrieval? In this analogy, the jigsaw puzzle of “Soul” will be fragmented and have holes in it. These missing Soul pieces are of the strength and harmony of the Soul (Spirit, life force, energy) before the trauma. Once these “Soul” pieces are reintegrated through a Soul Retrieval person will feel whole, complete, and in harmony, providing a path for true healing.

On the quantum level, Soul Retrieval is: Restoration of strength, resonance, and harmony in the vibrational frequency of the energy of the Soul (Spirit, life force) and allows other aspects of healing: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic to finally take place.

This energetic restoration provides a renewed sense of self with increased vitality, confidence, and understanding. And a more effective connection with our self, others, our life, the world, our Source: God, the Universe, Spirit, whatever our belief system may be


As we go through our life we will experience obstacles, challenges, and frustrations.  This is life, a roller coaster of ups and downs. Circle One provides guidance in life situations to help you navigate the ride providing you with a wide variety of tools.


Grief is a product of life experience. Whether it is the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship or job, the changing circumstances of life, or simply the disappointments or overwhelm of living life. Tools and guidance from Circle One will assist you in your recovery.


Our bodies and soul are myriad of vibrational frequencies; energy. These vibrational frequencies often need to be reharmonized, and balanced.  The 7 primary chakras are energy centers in our body. Balancing them is essential for a healthy life and body. There are many more of these energy centers in the body, in yoga, it is believed to number in the thousand. Circle One will balance the 7 primary chakras and any others brought to mind in the session.  Perhaps the wrists or shoulders. Everything is energy and having our energy balanced and in harmony is essential for quality of life.