Be All You Were Created To Be 

To Meditate
Do you meditate? Do you listen to guided meditations? This type of meditation is great for relaxation but your mind is still an active participant and remains in the Beta wave pattern. Learn how to meditate in the Transcendental Meditation style which shifts your brain waves into the Alpha state of real relaxation.

To Use Your Body as a Lie Detector
Just as you get those gut reactions, instinct, intuitive insight, etc. this is your body being a lie detector. Learn how to pay attention and trust what you get.

In framing the positive suggestions for hypnotherapy, you will practice feeling how your body reacts to the suggestion if it is true for you and if the suggestion is too big for you at this time. The word-smithing required for your subconscious mind to accept a hypnotherapy suggestion takes time and patience. With practice, you will notice how your body feels with each phrase. Rephrasing with fine-tuning the suggestion or discarding it and starting over even simply changing one word can make all the difference in how it feels in your body.

How You and Others Communicate
What is the biggest challenge in our life? Communication. If we know how we hear, how we speak, and how others hear and speak much misunderstanding can be eliminated. Circle One provides the tools for you to improve communication with not just others but with yourself.

To Breathe
One would think breathing is not something that needs to be taught.  We all do it or we would no longer be alive.  But the quality of breath is essential as we navigate our life. Do we breathe shallowly? From our diaphragm? From our belly?  Breathing is the key to life in more ways than just being alive. Circle One provides guidance on how to breathe and how to notice how we breathe.

To Shift into Positive Thought
How do we turn off negative self-talk? Self-talk we inflict on ourselves that we would never, ever take from someone else.  Why do we do that? How do we make the conscious shift? How do we make that conscious shift unconscious?

How the Vibrational Frequencies of Our Body and Our Thoughts Affect Our Life
Learning about and then noticing what is going on within us as a result of our vibrational frequencies whether in our body or in our thoughts will go a long way in helping to both navigate our life and create the life we want.

The Difference Between Power and Force
Recognizing if we live our life through force or through the power and the differences between the two is a huge step in navigating life. Are you finding yourself beating your head against a wall trying to make things happen ‘your way’? FORCE. Or are you allowing things to unfold and trusting the outcome will be to your benefit? POWER.

How To Differentiate Between the Influences of the Higher Ego and the Lower Ego
What is this Higher Ego Lower Ego stuff? Ego is ego. Circle One is using this terminology to define the Higher Ego as the conduit to our soul’s vibrational frequency and the Lower Ego as the vibrational frequency of the human condition.

How To Get Off the Bed of Nails Instead of Simply Turning Over
Everyone wants to have a better, easier life. But getting off the bed of nails is scary.  We have always been on our bed of nails and as uncomfortable as it may be what does it take to get off of it and step into the unknown? Trust. Circle One provides tools and understanding to move into the state of trust to get off the bed of nails.

How To Recognize the Rabbit Holes of Your Life: How To Get Out Of Them; How to Avoid Them
Once the rabbit holes of our life are recognized and acknowledged the steps to either get out of them or to avoid them completely are at our disposal. i.e. Are you a people pleaser? In your effort to please do you have expectations of a particular response? If the response is not the expected one, do you move into the rabbit hole of catastrophizing? Rabbit holes can be fallen into in less than a blink of an eye and with the practice of noticing what they are the fall can be avoided.

About The Vibrational Frequencies of Consciousness and Soul
Everything is energy and everything is connected. This is a Shamanic belief for thousands of years and NOW technology is proving it. At the quantum level many vibrational frequencies make up the conscious and subconscious mind; the vibrational frequencies of consciousness, that 10% of our brain that we use, and those of the soul. How do we harmonize the two? How do we become fully conscious people? Circle One provides the tools with which to do so.